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Choosing a Warehouse Racking System

A racking system is a vital part of the warehouse structure that can sometimes hinder or even accelerate its operations. With a proper system in place, warehouses can get extra space and also optimize their organization for a reorganized and efficient picking process. With the different types of racking systems available, warehouses can, therefore, chose the right one which can suit their needs. There are certain essential factors that must be taken into account when looking for the racking system for your warehouse. Analyzing the on-hand storage volumes will always help you in noticing the deep line storage opportunities that are available in your warehouse.

A good example of a racking system from this homepage that can be used by warehouses for different operations is the selective pallet rack. They not only recquire special narrow lift trucks but they can also provide access from an aisle where the palletized items need to be accessed. They can easily be configured to almost any size you desire since they allow direct access to each pallet in the warehouse. It is the best solution for those small and medium sized warehouses since they can easily get access to a wide variety of different types of products. In case the warehouse expands, then this system can simply be adjusted and relocated to a new place.

The drive-in pallet racking systems can also be used since they offer maximum storage of similar products and pallets in any warehouse. Unloading and loading of items is not hard, and it can easily be done by a lift truck through entering the front of the system and then later backing out. They eliminate the use of the aisle at the warehouse since it is built to store high quantities of the same products that use the same entry and exit point. These systems can be single entry to allow access to one side only or double entry to allow the forklifts access both sides of the racking structure. Know more about storage at

They are constructed to allow for the storage of products that do not require the first in first out retrieval process. It mainly supports the use of carts which in turn allows the movement of different products along the inclined rails. Compared to other systems, the push back pallet racking system is much faster when it comes to the loading and unloading process. Everything can also be easily accessed from the aisle hence it is ideal for opening up more warehouse spaces.

Carton flow racking system performs the same function as the pallet flow racking systems, but they are usually designed for boxes and other small products. They are also designed to rotate all the products automatically by design hence allowing for easy storage optimization and efficiency. Make sure to see page here!

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